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Sustainable Strategy

Already have accounting in Quickbooks or Xero, and need some cleanup help?

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"Making Waves has been so beneficial to us by helping us create and dial in our internal bookkeeping / accounting SOPs. Everything we do is highly modernized and as automated as possible. All of the software recommendations Making Waves has made are working well. We are confident in our practices and Making Waves has played a major role in that peace of mind.
Patrick T. Green
President & CEO
Peak Industries, Inc
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“Working with Sara at Making Waves has saved my business. They are the best bookkeepers around. They are very smart and intelligent and will help any business to succeed. I love Sara!!

Paradise Flowers
“Thanks ladies for the awesome support! You all super bad ass!

Marjo Lak
Humboldt Trim Company
"Working with yalls company has given me the ability to focus on my craft and be more successful at my job. I have had nothing but friendly "lets see how we can help" attitudes. The overall professional atmosphere is top notch. With that I give my deepest gratitude for ya'll and the time ya'll put it to create such a good environment."
Mr Bean Veganix